Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Thank you so much !

Thanks to everyone for the lovely wishes and blessings ! I am sure Anisha will read everything some day and realize that she is a much loved child. It is so heartwarming to know that we  are in the hearts of people whom we don't even know personally. I am really, really grateful for all the love my blog has brought in. Thank you so much and Anisha sends her love to everyone !

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Our daughter Anisha is here :)

Our daughter Anisha Nandigama was born at 8:45 AM today. She is perfect in every way. Thanks to everyone who gave us so much love and support ! My sincere thanks to all my blog readers.

Throughout this crazy infertility journey and during this pregnancy, I felt the presence of God Almighty in the form of many of kind-hearted souls. Everyone was so kind, compassionate and understanding. I am grateful for everything.

Sorry, if I haven't replied to any your messages and I hope you understand that it was very stressful ! I will continue to keep this blog as educative as possible; it will always be a blog which talks about the scientific and emotional aspects of infertility. I hope now my blog also gives inspiration to many women who suffer from infertility. I dedicate this post to everyone who are putting a brave fight against it, I am sending lots of baby dust your way. Catch it please :) I am sure it will work.

The first person I would thank is my husband. Without him nothing would have been possible, I can never equal his good nature anytime. My child has the best dad in this world.

Thanks to Dr. Sai for playing the role of Brahma by putting together the best sperm and egg ! If he has selected a different sperm to inject into my particular egg, Anisha wouldn't be here. Dr. Sai, you must be very proud of your job.

My sincere thanks to Dr. Anjali Malpani for making our dream come true. I believe her extreme talent is what has made all the difference. 

Last but not the least, my Dr (Dr. Aniruddha Malpani) has made a huge positive difference in my life. All that I feel proud of in my life is his gift to me - from my blog to my child. He made me the person whom I am now - from unhappy, bitter infertile to a very happy, confident woman who is filled with love and happiness. Dr, your presence wiped all my life's biggest fears and gave me the strength to follow my dream, thank you so much ( Is just a thanks enough?)

Little more information for now - it is a vaginal delivery, she weighed 3.08 kgs, I thought I wouldn't survive the delivery ! She  is doing well, latched immediately. Will post some pictures very soon. Please, please leave your good wishes, that is what I value the most.

I will post my labor story as early as possible :)


Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Happy Festive Season !

Wish you all a Merry X'mas and a very Happy 2015 ! May all your wishes come true !

Thursday, December 11, 2014


The little one in the last picture is my friend's daughter. The time I spent with her were very special moments and I was able to get an outlet for my motherly feelings. My God daughter :)

Friday, December 5, 2014

Some early pregnancy ultrasound pictures

I am fine and so is my little one. I will be completing 33 weeks of pregnancy tomorrow. This week my cervix measured 2.6 cm with a 2 mm funneling. This kind of funneling is very normal at this stage of pregnancy. When the funneling exceeds 5 mm or greater than 25 percent of the entire length of the cervix then it is something to be concerned. So, all looks fine now. After 34 weeks I am allowed to increase my activity levels. I just pray that I carry my little one atleast to 37 weeks.

My blog readers contact me and ask many questions about pregnancy related stuffs like, interpreting their ultrasound pictures, the technical terms used in it and also about NT scans. I must be very honest and say that I am not well-versed enough to explain such intricacies. For gaining knowledge I need to read a lot which I am unable to do now. Writing is becoming difficult; emotionally I feel completely drained out. Even for writing this I struggled for words! I hope things change with time. I am posting few ultrasound pictures of my LO taken during early stages of pregnancy. If you want any help interpreting your ultrasound pictures, this blog will be of great help : www. You can also write to Dr.Malpani, I am sure he will help too. His mail id is You can write to me too, I will try my level best to help as much as my knowledge allows. And, if any of you are wondering about my second name in the scan reports, it is our family name :)

Seventh IVF cycle timeline

Embryo retrieval : May 3rd
Embryo transfer : May 8th
First positive pregnancy test : May 15th
First ultrasound : At 7 weeks

7 week ultrasound

8 week ultrasound 

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

I am 30w4d pregnant and in hospital!

Yes, I am 30w4d pregnant. So far so good.

Today morning I came for an ultrasound to measure my cervix. It is 2 cm and my gynecologist saw a little funneling. She sent me immediately to the clinic where I met Dr. E. He is the one who performed my cerclage. He didn't find any funneling but has asked me to take corticosteroid for lung maturation. He dismissed my fears saying, "Oh, you can be still pregnant for another 4 months :)" Whether it is true or not but it eased my fears.

Rajender was very worried when I was asked to stay in the clinic for 5 more days so that they could monitor me and the little one. They took swabs from every opening of my body excluding my ear ;) They will monitor uterus contraction thrice a day. Fortunately I don't have any. They will monitor baby's heart beat too. All is fine until now. I have to have two shots of steroid, one I took today afternoon. Felt warm after the steroid shot, my face appeared flushed. From morning they monitored our little one's heart beat thrice and obviously our LO is very upset. During the last monitoring it kicked the lead which is kept on my tummy to monitor its heart beat vigorously, not once but several times. The nurse was shocked by that forceful kick. She was holding that lead to my stomach :) Tomorrow I will have one more dosage of steroid.

I am in a room where there are four more women. Rajender was upset that he couldn't stay with me :) He was too worried about the steroid shot. He was asking whether our little one will have long hands and legs because of that. I replied I would love to have a tall child :) So, until Monday, I have to be in hospital and if everything goes uneventful I will go home. I will miss cooking for Rajender, he hates cooking. I have spent 90% of my pregnancy, after cerclage, lying down. I cook for 15 minutes and that's it. All other work Rajender does! Our home is spic and span more than a neatly maintained hospital room. Rajender cleans everything with lots of antiseptics and disinfectants :) I will miss home, the calmness and the comfort there. I will miss my husband's constant company. But, I have to miss all this inorder to safeguard our little one.

Write to me. Will be happy to reply whenever I could. It will also keep me engaged. The ladies here are constantly chatting with each other. It is very hard to hear it all the time after being in such a quiet environment for so long :)

I will upload all the ultrasound pictures after I return home. This post contains our little one's picture at 12 weeks taken during NT scan :)

All your prayers and good wishes are most welcome :)
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